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The Core of New Energy is to Develop New Ways of Energy Storing

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"Carbon neutral is not the same as not emitting carbon, 'cut coal when you see it' and 'zero carbon&...

"Carbon neutral is not the same as not emitting carbon, 'cut coal when you see it' and 'zero carbon' are not desirable, but to balance the carbon emitted and the carbon absorbed back by nature." Recently, Liu Ke, a foreign member of the National Academy of Engineering of Australia and president of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Southern University of Science and Technology, said in an exclusive interview with People's Daily during the Second Modern Energy Industry Development Conference that the focus should be on improving the utilization rate of renewable energy such as wind and solar energy.

The Core of New Energy is to Develop New Ways of Energy Storing

"The core problem of new energy is to develop new ways of energy storage, which cannot rely only on batteries." Professor Liu believes that the future of liquid fuel is not necessarily with gasoline, but the liquid must be the best energy carrier for human beings, only made into a liquid, the use of good pipe network, in order to solve the future of human green energy problems.

"Because whether it is land transport or sea transport, the cost is very cheap. And liquids also have the advantage that they can be stored for a long time, just like alcohol, tighten the lid a bit and store it for fifty years without any problem, so this is the main reason why I think the choice of liquids is the most important." He said.

"It is suggested that wind and solar energy can be converted to green liquid fuel for storage. When there is wind and sun, we store the wind and solar energy in a liquid form. When there is no wind and no sun, then use this liquid to drive or generate electricity. I think this is a very worthy of the attention of China's new energy industry in the future." Professor Liu said.

"Inner Mongolia as a major province of scenery resources, its advantage is that wind and solar energy is very rich. How to combine wind energy, solar energy and the poor quality coal in Inner Mongolia's coal resources into a 'green liquid' is an opportunity for the future development of Inner Mongolia." Professor Liu said that this is crucial for China to achieve carbon neutrality and achieve oil self-sufficiency and energy self-sufficiency in the future. At the same time, in the process of developing solar energy, using the components separated from the coal, the desert in Inner Mongolia also try to manage into an oasis, which are the strategic direction of Inner Mongolia's development is crucial.

Professor Liu analyzed that the key to carbon reduction lies in changing the energy structure, and green methanol, which stores wind and solar energy in liquid form, will become one of the most reasonable energy solutions. He stressed that with green methanol, the internal combustion engine of the car will have a chance to become green energy power and achieve low carbon emission.

Professor Liu also said that, more importantly, if the energy system using green methanol as raw material is used on a large scale, it can achieve less than 1/5 of the carbon emissions of today's coal economy, which can further solve the problems of electricity, transportation and heating and cooling.

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